Hyup ._.

Jun. 12th, 2011

I'm sad to announce that this is my last evening as a 20something.

Tomorrow I turn 30.

There is no doubt that this will turn me into a completely different human being. Soon the liver spots and crows feet will start forming. The clothing and music of those younger than myself will offend me and I will need to complain about them.

I hope that it will some how also usher in the dawn of a new era of productivity in my life. The desire to catch all the Pokemans, level up my duders, and generally slack off will fade. The magical Job Fairy will come and wave her wand above my head and grant me a salary paying gig.

*** UPDATE: One of my very dearest interweb friends has stepped in, so much of the following can be ignored, thanks to Saadat! ...well I mean besides the part that says I'm actually going to update, I'm going to stick to that. I SWEARS IT. ***

Sadly another thing that will very likely fade away is Pimp Cow.. for I have become such a loser that I cannot afford the $12 to renew the domain this year. I suppose I can re-host it on another domain, but eh.. the death of the domain may be the nail in the coffin. It's weird thinking about how when I started it 11 years ago, all I had was a computer with 120MHz processor, and drew the comic with the cheapest of ballpoint pens.
Hyup ._.
I only hope that whatever spam bot snatches it up will do the domain more justice than I did. If you'd like to donate to the renewal, there's a paypal button on the feltup site somewhere, I'm sure.. Gotta take the opportunity to be childish and beg before my odometer rolls over! If the domain manages to get renewed, then I super duper pinky swear that not only will I do at least once a month update of it, but I will do at least a once a month update of Felt Up, too.

Maybe I should do the latter, anyway.. I'll try. ._.

This update sucks though, so it doesn't count.

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