Don't Pee on me!

Oct. 11th, 2004

My parents live next to the school on a 5 acre wooded plot of land. Tonight there is a midget football game going on. My mom went walking the trails and saw the entire home team, plus the coach dropping trow and pissing in our woods. They made no attempt to stop what they were doing when confronted with the property owner.
I really don't think it's right for people just to be fiddle-dicking around on some one elses land, especially the coach. My mom doesn't like it either but she won't do ANYTHING about it. I've gotten her regulation posted signs in the past to put up be she won't, so I made her a sign with this picture on it, and text:

Don't Pee  on me!

 Please do not trespass if your intent is to litter, damage flora or fauna, or to relieve yourself.

She looked at it and gave me her super annoying laugh, the one that I know means that she's just going to throw them in the garbage as soon as I walk out the door.

I hope some one takes a shit on the trails and she steps in it.

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