Computational Sadness

Oct. 17th, 2004

Friday night I came home from work and was playing a fun game on my computer.  Suddenly my machine turned off.  I tried turning it back on a bit later but it did no good. The powersupply is dead.  It smells funny too.

Computational Sadness

So I was using a 100mhz computer for awhile for email checking til my boyfriend felt bad for me and looked at all the computer guts we have laying around. He managed to get a 700mhz duron machine work!  I thought it needed a new motherboard, why else would they have sold it to me for only $8?
So the comic quality will be extremely poor until my new power supply comes in from new egg as I'm having to use a machine with far less memory, processing power, and image editing tools.
But it's awesome that I have such noncraptastic spare computer now.  I'm sure it will take on a spiffy role on the LAN once I get my main machine going again.

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