What's it called?

Oct. 20th, 2004

Well, this will hopefully be the last comic I have to make on this computer.
It's not like it's a bad computer or anything, it just doesn't have alot of ram... and the brand on the case says "MONORAIL" which I'm not too familiar with.  I can't even guess what brands the stuff is inside.
What's it called?
...I call the big one Bitey

Hey, don't groan!  This is one of the best real life occurances of a Simpsonesque thingamabob that I've stumbled upon. I wish I had sound bites from that episode for startup/error wavs.  It has yet to be determined what task the Monorail will be put to after my machine is fixed. But what ever it is I'm sure Marge will be against it.

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