Orgasmic Apocalypse Cookies

Oct. 23rd, 2004

I love cookies.  

Orgasmic Apocalypse Cookies

Here is my personal recipe for chocolate chip cookies:

Sandy's Orgasmic Apocalypse Cookies

2 + 2/3's sticks of butter *
1 C. Sugar
1 C. Brown sugar

2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla (heaping is good)
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 sack of milk chocolate chips **

Preheat oven to 375

Cream butter and sugars. Make sure theres no butter lumps, else death.
Mix in the eggs and vanilla

Stick the rest of the ingredients (except the chocolate chips) in a bowl and sort of mix them about.  Slowly add them to the wet stuff. Do not over beat, else death. When the ingredients are almost fully mixed, stick in the chips.

Cook the stuff on a non-greased cookie thing for about 8-10 minutes. You should take them out BEFORE they look done, at the point that the top is just starting too look porous and not dough like.  This is key. If you are worried they are not fully cooked, leave them on the cookie sheet for awhile, otherwise take them off the cookie sheet immediately, else death.

repeat above step as needed

* you can omit some of the butter (maybe the entire 2/3 stick) but the cookies will not have the same apocalypse benefits (you will need that extra fat when there's no food) and won't taste as good, and you may need to grease the cookie sheet.
** you can substitute semi-sweet, but they won't be nearly as orgasmic.

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