Fricken Halloween

Oct. 31st, 2004

Well, yesterday I had my heart broken because some stupid person has poor planning skills.

Fricken Halloween

My cousin, who needed to complete her halloween costume was begging my mother for some green felt.  Me Mum didn't have any, but she knew I had stock piles of felt and told me that I must give some up.  Of course I couldn't say "But I need that felt for my comic-ing" because I don't really want my family to read my new comic like they did the old one.  It sort of hinders stuff when you know your relatives are reading things.  Not that I'm going to expose a boob or anything.

So I had to give up the felt, which is the green felt pictured here. 

I'd just like to say that her costume, a bunch of grapes, was an extremely stupid idea. She thinks it's genius.  She spent all this money on purple balloons and crap, but she couldn't go out and buy herself some felt.

And YES.. I fricken know that technically since Felt Up is photoshopped that it isn't really that big of a deal, but I am pissed off anyway that she took my felt.

I had plans for that felt. BIG plans.

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