Unexpected Stuff

Nov. 30th, 2004

Yes.. So.. Yesterday after I woke up I decided to play some fun games on my computer.  The apartment was in a serious need of cleaning and there' was a small bag  of garbage outside the door that I was too scared to take out to the curb Sunday night because it was cold dark and creepy out. On a scale of one to ten for neatness, my hair ranked about 2.  I was cold so I grabbed the sweatshirt sitting ontop of the love seat.

Then someone knocked on the door.

Unexpected Stuff

It was my cousin.  She wanted to know if I was busy and said that she needed help networking her computers in her and her dad's apartment. She had accosted me at Thanksgiving dinner and told me how she had no clue what she was doing but she had already bought a wireless router. 

In the sunlight, I noticed that there were tomato sauce stains all over my shirt.

She should know better than to come to my apartment without warning and bug me about stuff like that.  This was very confrontational and I had not too many answers for her mainly because she didn't understand what terms I was using.

This is a warning to all others: if you want to bug me about computer stuff, do it on AIM so I can just google the problem and send you the links. 
She has my screen name, and I'm on AIM 24/7 although usually set as away.

"NIC? What's that?"

I told her I was too busy, and I was! Fun games were calling.

So yeah. Thanks.

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