Dec. 4th, 2004

I woke up to the message that my ex-manager had called and that he'd be calling back within the next 10-15 minutes. Right after waking up, very few parts of my brain are working.  I hastily tried to pull off some of my morning routine (particularly the getting un-naked part) all aloung my conscious was struggling with all the the pros and cons of what the call could be about and what I would say.  Ofcourse Greed was awake by then.


To sum it up, they need me to work next week. But not for them, for a different company that needs some work done on products they sold to the company I worked for. So I wouldn't be working for the place I worked for, I'd be working for the supplier of the stuff.  The guy from the stuff company will be giving me a call about this contract labor job, as my ex-manager called it.  This better mean I get payed butt-loads more.  Greed may be as nearsited as I am (and no glasses) but Laziness will not stand for getting shafted.

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