Fear the burger

Dec. 15th, 2004

Leaving the house was a BIG event.   I was even so bold as to partake in drive through food items- namely, Wendy's. I expected the food wouldn't be too fresh as there was sort of a snow storm going on and not too many people out, but I wasn't prepared for what I would see.  I unwrapped my junior bacon cheese burger to find that half of the bacon was hanging off the bun in a very obviously strange fashion, there also seemed to be eyes poked into the bun.  I even think that it might have had extra bacon on it.  I don't eat there enough to know if they use three full strips normally, but it seemed excessive.
Fear the burger
"This means something" I thought ot myself. 
Namely, that some one probably spit in my food or dropped the bacon on the floor.  It scares me, knowing that some one had touched this burger in a fashion that left it in this disorder.  Thinking about people touching my food in general bothers me.
I'm seriously reconsidering eating at restaurants.
I still ate the burger though, and it was still tasty.

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