Radiation is fun!

Dec. 19th, 2004

So that thing where I was going to go back to my old place of work as a contract worker for a vendor to fix a product that they sold the place I worked for has occured.  I went in and had to sign in as a guest and wear a vistor tag on a big lanyard and stuff.. I saw that although they couldn't afford to keep me on, they could afford to replace all the monitors in the building (over 20) with 19" LCD screens.  Great.  I spent a whole day doing nothing because I was waiting for some one to email me a file.  It didn't get to me until 7pm, well after I had already left.. Next day I only worked til 3.  The guy said he'd pay me for two full days though, so that's spifferiffic.  Also, my old manager said that he could sell me a couple of the old monitors..
Radiation is fun!
I got two of the same make and model and currently have them both hooked up to my main computer dealy.. My old monitor I hooked up to the $8 (monorail!) computer.

I bet I'm going to get cancer from all this radiation! Yay!

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