Felt up at a young age

Jan. 4th, 2005

So when I was like around four years old I was involved in some rather girly things, like ballet.  One day it was time for my ballet practice.  My mother usually drove me there but today she couldn't so she instructed my father to drop me off. 
We got to the school, he pulled up to the doors and told me to get out.  I protested, as mother usually would walk me to the place where the lessons were. He told me I knew where to go and I'd be fine.
When I got to the room there was no one there. I was too young to read the sign that said that today's lesson would be held on the stage in a different room, as it was the last practice before our big performance.
What else could I do but curl up in a fetal position behind the door and cry.
Felt up at a young age

When my mother went to pick me up the teacher told her I hadn't attended class. They thought some one had abducted me and called the police and stuff, but eventually found me.

I sadly wasn't very prepared for the performance.

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