Where is my emo glasses?

Jan. 7th, 2005

My adventures in college started at a very small private Catholic place.  It was while there that I purchased a pair of glasses.  At the time I mainly wore contacts, so what I was looking for in a frame was something cheap and durable.  My glasses prior to that pair had gotten squished and mangled after falling asleep while watching tv with them on (their primary use).  The nose and ear pieces broke off in a fashion that tape could not repair.  The new pair I got were black plastic frames, and were only $27.  This was great because I'm perpetually poor and no nose pieces to break off either. 

Then I transferred to a state university and discovered there's this thing called "emo".  I'm still unsure what this "emo" thing is, but one thing was sure.. my glasses were "emo". 
Contacts were too much of an expense, so I stopped buying them and just wore glasses. The emo glassses not only catagorized me, but had become scratched and bent so they didn't fit right (from falling asleep on them, ofcourse).
So I purchased a new pair of glasses that are rimless and have clear plastic ear pieces.. hopefully these don't stick me into some genre I'm unaware of.

But I still wear the emo glasses when I'm laying on the couch watching tv so I don't break my new ones.
Where is my emo glasses?
but now they're lost!

I think it may be a martini related incident.
Darn it, and darn me.

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