Sandy's Birthday Dog

Jan. 9th, 2005

A few days after I got my very first dog I got my second dog.  My mother took me to a local mall and pointed out a dog in a corner cage.  I saw so many other better looking dogs there that I would have much rather had but she insisted we get this... full grown shi tzu.  She said that it was little, would stay little, and wouldn't shed at all.  Thats what she wanted.  We had to fill out all this paper work and I guess since it was a "pure breed" dog that it needs a registered name.. My mother insisted that it's registered name be Sandy's Birthday Dog.
I was horribly embarassed by all of this, though I was still only seven years of age.  The dog was so decrepit that I named him Benji as he looked like an unwanted street dog.
Sandy's Birthday Dog
And he ended up to be a very mean dog and plagued with weird illness. He spent most of his time hiding under the computer desk (for our Tandy 2000).   Every shi tzu I've met since him has seemed to be quite similarly not healthy looking.  I apologize if you own or enjoy this breed, but I feel that it is a beast that could easily turn some one into a cat person.

About two years after we got him I noticed Benji was missing.  I asked my mother where he was and she said that she had him put to sleep over a week earlier.

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