My buddy and me

Jan. 10th, 2005

    I guess since life is going so slow that it may be of interest to tell the tales of all of my previous pets, since I have had so many.  So far the dogs I've mentioned were ones that were strictly 'mine', but previous to Benji and Rachel was Buddy, our family dog from before we moved.
    My parents got Buddy when I was around a year or two old.  He was a part chow mix. Apparently when we were both young pups he used my arm as a chew toy and I found it quite funny.   
    I remember that he had so many fleas as an adult dog that would hop from his coat to a wool carpet my sister and I had in our room and then onto us.  It was awful, we used duct tape to remove the fleas from our legs.
    I had a security blanket that I could not live with out.  One time we were on our way out of the home and for some reason I wrapped some cheese in the blanket and hid it.  Well heck, there was a reason.. cheese is tastey and must be hidden and saved for later eating. But anyway, Buddy found my bundle and chewed through my blanket to get to the cheese.  I still treasured the blanket, even after that event.
My buddy and me
    Buddy had a problem with biting people's asses.  He bit the mail man's ass on a couple occasions, and other people's asses fell victim as well.
    My parents tried to get one of their friends to take Buddy, but that only lasted a couple weeks.
    Eventually they took Buddy to the pound.

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