A pet story that isn't totally craptacular

Jan. 12th, 2005

Teddy.. he is like the keystone in my pet world.  We got Teddy days after we moved, when I was six years old.  I remember that I was still going to my old school as the academic year only had a few weeks left.  My mother dropped me off at school and said that when I got home there would be a surprise.
He was in a banana box, and his tail was missing fur.  The family who had previously had him apparently did not treat him too well, so he went and lived at a hospital where my aunt worked for awhile.. which obviously wasn't a good plan. 
So that's how he ended up with us.  The fur eventually grew back.
A pet story that isn't totally craptacular
Teddy lived to be 8 years old, very much an old man for a bunny.  I very much enjoyed him and have had pet bunnies ever since.  I'm sure I will mention him again when I get to other pets.

So if you're following along (or trying to) the cronological order of the pets (of getting them, not losing them) is/was:
Buddy, Borris, Teddy, Rachel, Benji.

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