When life gives you feces

Jan. 13th, 2005

For some reason there has been a quite odd ammount of people dying lately.  So many infact that I have to not attend one funeral this week as to be able to attend another.

Quite somber.

And a great time for my TMJ disorder to kick in to give me headaches that feel like.. my tmj has been kicked.  If you don't know what TMJ disorder is, some quick Googling will tell you that it's a problem with the jaw, or the TemporoMandibular Joint.
When life gives you feces
If only I'd known at age 14 that mosh pit injuries can last a life time, or atleast nine years later.

Also, I'm going to steady the stream of past-pet stories down a bit to a trickle.  I took a hiatus from talking about my current life because there was nothing going on long enough for life to say "Hey, you want stuff to go on? BWAHAHA! Here you go!".

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