Sleepy from the wake

Jan. 16th, 2005

I must apologize, today's felting is quite minimal due to stuff occuring.  Firstly, the wake I had to go to with my parents was at a bar.  Somehow my mother managed to persuade me into having three shots of Jack Daniels.  I'm a little too tramatized from the whole thing to talk about what took place there, maybe in the coming days.

I came home and took an extensive nap due to booze induced sleepiness. 
Woke up to find out that my sister and her husband were in town and so was required to visit with them.
My sister's baby is due in April.  Her bellbutton has turned from an innie to an outie.
Sleepy from the wake
It's quite disturbing. I'm definitely putting that on my long list of reasons not to get knocked up.

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