I was traumatized

Jan. 17th, 2005

Drinking doesn't make me more social, just the opposite.  The three shots of Jack Daniels just made me more aware of the packed bar at this wake.  Even sober I'd not be at ease. I should have expected that if a wake is at a bar the people mourning there are going to be rather.. "wacky".

I whipped out my gba sp so that I'd appear busy and these wacky characters wouldn't bother me.  It didn't work.  Some one who I was told was an old friend of my parents squished between the narrow space between mine and my mother's bar stools and proceeded to display how drunk he was by finding any chance possible to try and touch me and engage me in conversation with his face four inches from my own.

Like my mother said my dad still had a six pack, so he grabbed my arm to test my muscle.  I was totally freaked out by this and tried to react as little as possible to him.
I was traumatized
So then he was all like "What are you, a Nun? Or do you just not want none?".

At that point I decided to go sit on the other side of the room with my father, so he could protect me from these obvious advances.  But he followed.  "I din' mean nuthin, I swearsit!"

When I saw he was distracted by something else I scurried away to an unpopulated corner and whipped the gba sp back out.

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