Lucky Indeed!

Jan. 19th, 2005

I guess to even the score up a bit pet wise, my parents decided that since I had a dog that they would get my older sister a cat.  So they answered some classified ad in the paper about free kittens.  All I remember was that the people were old and that the kittens were hiding under a car and didn't seem to be used to being handled.

We took a kitten for my aunt as well.  My sister wanted a very pet-like name for it, I believe that it was I that thought up the name Lucky for the cat.

And indeed, he was Lucky.
During his life he was poisoned, jumped out of a moving van and broke his back, disappeared for over a month but returned, lost a leg to cancer..
Lucky Indeed!
When he broke his back the vet said they might have to remove his tail.  My sister said she'd rather not have him at all with out it, cause he would not be "the Lucky Goober" with out his tail.  He kept the tail, though.

Lucky never liked being held and didn't like many people. Being that he was my sister's cat I pretended not to like him, but really we had a special thing for each other.
I was the only person whose lap he would sit on.

A few years after losing his leg he succumbed to cancer.

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