Smelly dog

Jan. 24th, 2005

The next pet that came into our family was Lucy.  I think it was only a couple weeks after they'd gotten rid of Benji that the whole dog thing with me was attempted again.  My mother saw an ad in the paper for a free one year old small terrier mix dog.  That was back in 1990.

She'll be turning 16 years old this September, if she makes it that long.  She has been hard of hearing/seeing, missing teeth and smelled bad for years (even with frequent bathing) but has always seemed a spunky little dog.  In the past couple weeks her health has declined greatly.

Smelly dog
Last night my parents talked about taking her to the vet and having her put to sleep.   She stared at us sadly from inside her wooden crate with a little dog bed in it.

My mother doesn't really seem to be basing it on the quality of Lucy's life.  She just keeps saying that because she's watching my cousin's baby who will be crawling soon that she doesn't want an old sick dog deficating all over the floor. Also Lucy's license is due and my mom doesn't want to pay it...and so many other excuses to justify euthanasia.

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