damn, I suck.

Feb. 11th, 2005

It looks like the valentines are going to be a total flop.  Today is the last day to bid on them. I don't even know if I'll make enough money to pay the listing fees.

I'm sort of glad that I probably won't be at home to witness the auctions ending today.  My former boss called me yesterday because the vendor of a product they use wants to pay me to come in and fix some more of the products again.

I haven't driven my car since I lost my job in November.  Now there's snow and I haven't driven in awhile so it seems really scary.  Maybe I'll just walk.
damn, I suck.
damn, I suck.

I admit though, there are several things that I know I did wrong with the pop ups:

1. The auctions should have been longer before valentines day and longer than 3 days
2. I didn't "spam" enough
3. I put a "buy it now" for $9.99 and alot of people seem to think that's the starting bid price... which it isn't! it's only 99 cents.
4. Not enough fwuffy bunny stabber cards
5. Not enough HAWT PIX of what I look like IRL

.. you will STILL be subjected to more pop up card spam in the future, even if you don't buy one.

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