How to take a compliment

Feb. 19th, 2005

Even though I didn't need to leave the house and go to the store today I decided that my car needed to.  It hardly gets driven anymore and if it sits too long without running it's hard to start and stuff.

When I got out of the car and was walking across the parking lot into the store I realized that my hair was inside my coat. While I was pulling it out I hear behind me "Wow, what did you do to grow such long hair?"
It was an old creepy looking guy emerging from an old creepy looking pickup truck.  I was completely stunned by some one talking to me so I don't know if the "I don't know" I gave him was even audible.
As I hurried my pace away from him, I heard him exclaim..
How to take a compliment
..and so I will probably not go to the store again until it's absolutely needed.

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