I found the stinkbug

Feb. 20th, 2005

There's a really good reason not to store your clothes on the floor, even if you do intend to wear them later.  Take for example the muumuu I own.  I don't really like it, I asked for a bath robe for christmas one year and instead got this chenille muumuu type thing.  It does come in handy for really cold nights though, so it has a special place on the floor next to my bed.

Until.. last night..
I found the stinkbug
This was how I found it, face up with only two legs.  The bedroom also stank of stinkbug. 
My only theory was that it crawled into the heater and burnt it's legs off and activated the stink. 

It may not be the same stinkbug from the other night, but flushing it down the toilet certainly made me feel a bit more at ease.  I'm also going to burn the muumuu.

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