blue corn chip of complete exoneration

Feb. 23rd, 2005

I know that I have only mentioned that I have a boyfriend a couple of times, and it would seem that since we live together and all that he should have made an appearance by now.
..but I know his own personal interweb rules, and they are:
1.) not to use his real name, EVER
2.) not showing what he looks like, EVER

I'd rather not bore and sicken you with how well we do get along.  "cutesy-wootsy" posts are not my thing.  One of the few conflicts between us is the fact that I'm sort of a complete slob and he's a regular Felix Unger neat freak.

A couple days ago I dropped a dirty fork on the floor and he insisted that there was food residue left on the carpet.  He went on to say that bugs would enter our apartment and crawl into our mouths because of my infringement.

I bent down to the floor to pick up the food particle he spotted, and it was a chunk of a blue corn chip, something he (not me) had eaten earlier!
blue corn chip of complete exoneration

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