Flesh colored felt, 23 cents

Mar. 1st, 2005

Going to a big craft store like Michaels is always super fun times.  Even if I don't have any money to buy anything it's still entertaining to look at all the stuff they have.  My mother, brother and I all went there today.  While mum was getting some framing done, my brother and I went and looked at the various crafting items.  We were especially amused by the "gimping tool" used for plastic lacing (if you're confused by that, so were we).

It was all going great, I even found that they had way more shades of felt than the previous fabric store I'd been to, which is good because I did not really own a suitable fleshtone.

My mother finally got her framing done and payed for in the back of the store, so she and my brother stood next to an arrangement of artificial flowers a few feet away.  My brother couldn't help but pulling out a long fake lily flower from the display and acting all phalic with it.  Mother insisted he put it away and started to complain about how horrible fake flowers are and how they are bad feng shui.  At that point I turned around in an attempt to discreetly tell them to shut the fuck up, because both people infront of me in line had carts brimming with artificial flowers.
Flesh colored felt, 23 cents
Then they laughed at the look that I was giving them which my guess would be close to the above one.
It took forever for all those fake flowers to be rung up.
It took 30 seconds to buy the one peice of felt.

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