He who is a complete ass hat.

Mar. 3rd, 2005

I'm one of those people who does not wish to remain friends with their ex.  I wish that both of my ex's would just vanish from the face of the earth, especially when I realize how stupid I was for dating them in the first place.

Today one of them instant messaged me to apparently tell me that his life is wonderful.  The last time he did this (a year or so ago) he was in LA trying to do something in the music industry, but working as a waiter.  Oh, but he's moving on up!  Now he's back in his home town, working at his father's print shop like he was before.   Doesn't sound like anything to gloat about, but that was definitely what he was trying to do.
He who is a complete ass hat.
He kept calling me "homey" and "g" and similar annoying terms. At the end of the conversation (which was luckily short) he said "Hey, and never forget.."
..before he could utter the next words, many things popped into my mind about him that I would not forget, like how he was a complete ass hat.  I forget what he ended up saying what not to forget, but what I ended up saying before he said it was "that you have my stuff still?"
I guess it is sort of my fault that I didn't try to get everything when I left him.  It wasn't easy too though, since I pretty much packed up and left in a couple of days to go over 300 miles back home.  He said he'd return it though, and I've even offered to pay for the shipping of my stuff.  After this many years I don't think I'll ever see my stuff again.

Ass hat.

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