The day I've baked my arse off for

Mar. 5th, 2005

So today is the baby shower thingy.  I spent Friday baking, cleaning up after baking, and baking some more.  I made four different kinds of cookies, some pie shells, gelatin mold, s'mores, cakes, brownies.. I'm going to have to wake up early today and immediately start cleaning and decorating the party location.  Oh, and finish the pies...

I'm guessing I may be a bit tired when the shower actually occurs.  This will will be a good excuse not to mingle atleast.
The day I've baked my arse off for
I'm giving my sister a sleeper I made that resembles the one in the movie "The Christmas Story". ( hawt pix ) She doesn't want to find out the gender until it is born.  I'm hoping it's a boy, otherwise it just won't seem right.  I guess in about a month or so we will find out
...and I'll become an aunt?
Ohh.. creepy title.

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