Gifts from The Internet.

Mar. 6th, 2005

I'd like to think that I come up with some rather clever ideas of stuff to make.  There's the pop up cards that I tried to make you all by (warning, I'm probably going to attempt this again) and the breadcrabs (etc)..

Most of these ideas are conceived from my urge not to get a job, or my lack of ability to find one.  I would like to have a job, as I do miss working.  There just doesn't seem to be any jobs in the field in this area, and competing with my jobless beau who also has his "BS in CS" does not make it any easier.

If I could figure out a way to sell some sort of spiffy product or make money in a fashion that did not require leaving the house (and not having to show "bewbs") I would be all too happy. 

I usually realize a great flaw in my concepts that makes them not good candidates for selling, but they still seem like great ideas that should be shared.
This is my most recent brainchild  "Gifts from The Internet"
Gifts from The Internet.
Maybe some one has already thought up something similar, but here's my rendition of the idea:

1.  Get (or make) a box with a lid that flips up (as shown)
2.  Photoshop (or otherwise) create and print a "pop up" of the greeting you would like your gift to have.  This could be very specific to your cause, such as "Happy Birthday" etc.  Paste it onto the inside of the box so it is seen when opened.
3. You can pre-purchase most of the items for the box, which should include:
 - Cookies
 - Spam
 - Worms (gummy)
 - Trojans (condoms, don't use these if it would be awkward for that person)
 - An empty bottle, labeled with the virus of your choice (you could put candy/mystery items in there if you want)
Some more obscure items that you could add that aren't pictured...
 - Swedish fish (to represent phishing)
 - Candy in a bottle, labeled "GeN3ric Vi*gRa"
4. Label it.. From: The Internet

It would be a great last minute gift for any nerdly person in your life..unless they El Oh El'd and called you a "nub".

If this is an idea that hasn't already thought up and I could apply some sort of licensing to it, I'd go with the one that's something like.. "Use this for your own enjoyment, do not replicate for monies plzkthx" (this applies to you, mizan [one of my fun game friends] ).

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