eating nothing but mung and balls for the next two weeks

Mar. 7th, 2005

The shower ended up going off with few hitches, especially the food.  We ended up having alot of date balls left over and I sprouted way too many mung beans for the salad.  I don't mind eating either of them though, so yay!

I do have a couple complaints about it though.. As you may recall, I don't like my cousin's daughter (who's around 9) that much.  As soon as the guests started to arrive they started saying how great the spread of food  looked (a dessert buffet, lasagna and salad), especially the gelatin mold of a fish I made.

"It's just so pretty that I don't think I could cut into it."  said my Aunt..
"I can cut into it!" piped in brat-girl.
eating nothing but mung and balls for the next two weeks
So immediatly after we'd finished eating the lasagna and were headed to the dessert buffet, the little brat barges infront of everyone and slices the tail off the fish.  She chanted "I killed the fish!" over and over again.. Then she sat down uncomfortably close to me (and by that I mean every movement she made risked her elbowing me in the tit) ate two bites of the fish and then proclaimed that she was no longer hungry. 

I don't enjoy how she thinks she has to be the center of attention at every event. I knew she was trying to get some sort of "Oh no! not my fish!" reaction from me, so I gave as little reaction as possible. We hadn't expected anyone would actually eat the fish since there were so many other tastey desserts.

It doesn't surprise me that she is a cheer leader.  I'm sure as soon as she's old enough to go to "keg parties" that she will be the girl dancing topless on the table.

Also.. my computer is fricken broken.  Thats why it's a real felting instead of photoshopped.  It'll be okay tomorrow though.

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