My hair harvest would please a dozen bald children

Mar. 8th, 2005

The other irritation that occured involved my mother's friend Suzie.  Suzie got one look of my hair from across the room, my sonic ears heard her start to utter how many wigs they could make, and I got the hell out of there before it seemed like I was listening.

When I did eventually return, she pulled me aside and told me that I should go to her hair dresser, Taloula, and get my hair cut because they would be able to donate my hair and oh how happy the children would be.
My hair harvest would please a dozen bald children
I told her that the locks of love website not only has an address to ship hair, but you can look up hair dressers in your area that give you a discount or free hair cut if you donate your hair.  I'm not going to go to Taloula's, especially since it's called Taloula's! also takes more than one head of hair to make a wig, as far as I know.
She seemed shocked, probably because she thought she was the only person clever enough to have told me to donate my hair to charity.  It was like she was telling me that my hair is too long and that I have to do something about it.

It MUST be harvested.

..felting may look a tad funny today, still trying to get all my settings back in order.

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