extended family causes projectile vomiting

Mar. 9th, 2005

oh gosh.. so like.. I'm sitting here, and all the sudden I get an instant message from my younger brother.. who says that he has given my screen name to our cousin (Chuckie) and to expect a message from him shortly.
Chuckie then "IMs" me.. he needs help with his computer, which is infested with adware/spyware/virures etc.  Some how he lets it slip that he believes it to be porn related, then the next thing I knew he was asking me how me and my boyfriend were doing.. the way it occured it really seemed like he was trying to hit on me.  He's actually not a cousin, but a step cousin I guess, if that's possible. That probably makes me fair game to him.  He's been known to hit on anything that moves, and is the annoying guy that everyone hopes doesn't find out where the party is.
extended family causes projectile vomiting
He reminds me of the dog his family owns, who my aunt would take to people's homes and it would pee all over the furinture and hump everything.

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