Time Stinks (yeahyeah)

Mar. 18th, 2005

Hello, my name is Sandy, and I'm a watchaholic. 

My current watch is an analog Timex Expedition and has many features I can't live with out. These include: day of the month, "Indiglo", water resistant up to 50M,  and (perhaps my favorite feature) a timer.  It also tells time (*amazing*).

I can't even remember when I began wearing a watch, but since that time I've probably spent about 95% of my life with a chronometer strapped to my wrist. I usually only take it off to take a shower or do the dishes, since even without getting it wet the watchband (as it is quite old at this point) usually has a distinct rotting smell to it.  This adds a new feature to my time looking experience
Time Stinks (yeahyeah)
It might be time to buy/fabricate a new watchband.

And for you Unix/Time nerds out there, today at 1:58:31 (GMT) it was 1111111111 seconds since 1970.

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