Delay In Phase Two

Mar. 23rd, 2005

I spent much of the day trying to fix the botched attempted at a better page design.  For now it's functional, but not pretty. That, along with a great amount of congested head-coldness, has forced Phase Two of my scheme (my "master plan" if you will) to be delayed a little longer.

I may even wait until next week, as I've just received an email from my former co-worker saying that my former boss is going to be calling me in to work for a couple of days. I think they should just give me my job back, that would solve a lot of problems. 

I might have lucked out on the catalytic converter thingy, it may still be under warranty...due to the fact that I never drive my car anywhere so it's well under the warranted miles.
Delay In Phase Two
I love sleeping on the couch when I'm under the weather.  It's also the only time I sleep on my back instead of my side.  Mmm sleep...

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