what to hit to make a baby stop screaming

Mar. 24th, 2005

Taking my car to the dealership 20 miles away to get the catalytic converter fixed was a three person job. One person had to drive my car there, someone else had to drive another vehicle so that the first person could come back home, and a third person had to watch my cousin's baby (who my parents babysit during the week).

Baby or driving...it was a tough choice. I chose baby.

As soon as my parents left, he started screaming.
what to hit to make a baby stop screaming
I checked his various holes; the feeding one didn't need feeding and the excreting ones hadn't excreted.  There seemed no cause for it, which was really frustraing... until I started playing with this toy that had a big red  button on the top of it.  Every time you hit the button it sends these four colored balls swirling around the clear plastic dome.  It was pretty mesmerizing. 
It made the baby screaming hardly noticeable.

Eventually he stopped screaming and stared at the balls and he fell asleep.  Seconds later, my parents returned from dropping off my car.

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