The Incredible Cash Cow

Mar. 29th, 2005

The news is good.  I get to work again today, and possibly even tomorrow. This will pay almost all my bills for a month!
The Incredible Cash Cow
I feel sort of bad though.. cause while I work, my former co-worker is attempting to decipher my programming for this thingy that we used to test the products. I'd like to help him, but it's been months since I've seen the code.. and they aren't paying me to program.  I know it must be tough for him, I don't really use much common sense when naming my variables/functions.  There's many that contain the word stuff, like doStuff(), stuffCounter.. etc. 
And he's all "Is this workspace in the folder called Tee-Eee-Ache Prog the current version from when you were here?" and I'm all like "HEeelz yeah dawg, it's tehProg!"
I can't believe he didn't say 'teh' he really did spell it out...


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