You weren't supposed to see that

Apr. 9th, 2005

My younger brother was looking at our High School's webpage, which has an Alumni page. I never asked to be put on the page, they simply put me on there with whatever information they could scrap from their guestbook, that I signed five years ago.

Five years can cause great change on the interweb, for example.. the webpage I provided as my "homepage" for the guestbook no longer belongs to me, and hasn't for a very long time. For the longest while, it just went to some page that had a whole bunch of advertisements on it.

Now it goes straight to porn.
You weren't supposed to see that
So when my brother instant messaged me about it, I had to explain to him the whole "It's not mine.. I swear!" stuff, but I can imagine his initial horror. I'm sure all of my former classmates and teachers are shocked too.

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