Kicking Mad!

Apr. 10th, 2005

The embarrassing fact is that I love reality TV shows.  I've been given much of guff about it, but lets get over it. Criticizing people for watching reality TV has become just as cliche as reality TV.
So, that being said.. I've been loosely following SpikeTV's The Ultimate Fighter, which follows a bunch of wannabe Ultimate Fighters.
Last night the grueling two and a half hour finale aired. It did what many reality shows do, a complete recap of the previous events that took up much of the show, while continually hyping the actual fights to come and making me feel like I wasted time watching the series in the first place as I could have just watched this recap show.
There were two fights between the "wannabes" and then the main event, a fight between the two professional fighters. The first two fights were great, with punches, kicks, and blood everywhere.. The "professional" fight though.. ugh.. made me mad!
Kicking Mad!
The whole two previous hours talked about how great this fight would be. The two guys bounced around the ring for awhile, trying to get the other guy to punch first.. then the one guy slipped and fell down.. there was a bit of action.. they got up, there was one really good kick to the head.. slipped and fell again.. then one guy pummeled the other guy in the head, and the referee ended the fight.

Two hours of hype for two minutes of fight..and that's why I should stop watching reality TV.

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