Apr. 12th, 2005

One of my brother's friends instant messaged me asking me about how/where to start in the field of programming. I told him not to. He apparently had no clue about programming jobs being heavily outsourced and thought that the jobs would be plentiful in the field. Yet my beau and I, both armed with Bachelors in Computer Science, have yet to find work in the field since graduation. It's very discouraging.

Things have changed greatly from the time I graduated highschool to the time I graduated college. There seemed to be endless oppurtunity in the technology field before, but now it seems like unless you want to do it recreationally, there's really no reason to start planning a career in programming.
The beau's mom thinks we should go back to school and get our Masters in Computer Science (which really seems useless), while my mother thinks we should go get degrees in something else completely. Piling on more student loan debt doesn't sound fun.

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