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Apr. 14th, 2005

Because of the different sizes and habits of the bunnies they each use a different type of litter box, or as I call them, "poop boxes". I like the enclosed poop boxes, cause they keep stuff contained, but Mookie is a bit too small to get in and out of them. B
Buckbo-Skidboot is perfectly happy with anything he's given to relieve himself with.
Kiwi though.. has always been a handful. She'd constantly be digging away at her litter, flinging literal shit out of it, until I found her a giant poop box at a yard sale. Yes, I'm humble enough to actually go out and buy used poop boxes.. It luckily wasn't encrusted with crap or anything.
This one's just right >
Just the other day I was wishing so badly I had another giant poop box. I have multiples of Mookie and Boot's boxes, so I can easily swap and clean them. I couldn't exactly shell out the $30 for another giant litter box for her (thats how much they go for at popular chain pet stores) almost wet myself today when I found one at a church rummage sale for only $2! I had to fight off some hobo looking men to get it. Well worth it though, doesn't even look like a turd has been set in it.

I also purchased a still shrink-wrapped copy of OS/2 Warp version 3 for $1. I'm pretty sure I over payed, and the box weighs about ten pounds since it contains about 40 floppies..but it will look good on my bookshelf.

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