The Wang Chest

Apr. 17th, 2005

My mother is one of those wacky people who talk to strangers in public.  I try really hard to pretend I'm not with her when she does this. Today we were going grocery shopping when we saw that there was a "Going out of business" sale going on at an import store so we decided to stop in. They had all sorts of carved statues, futons, drums, wind chimes and other mass produced cultural bric-a-brac from various third worlds.
The store was very crowded. There was a large wicker chest marked with "Adults Only!" on it. My mother saw it and immediatly asked someone standing next to it if they dare look into it. The woman didn't seem to know what was going on, but agreed because of the boldness of my mother. The lady seemed shocked when the chest was opened up and it the whole thing was full of wangs and boob figurines.
The Wang Chest
Really though, there were other statues outside the chest that had just as much detail... so the contents weren't that surprising.

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