Suggested New Format

Apr. 22nd, 2005

Some folks have suggested that to increase my comic's popularity I should talk more about my gaming side.  So I thought maybe I could set up some sort of a comic schedule and organize it all.

Suggested New Format
Monday: A comic about how fun it is to shoot people on the interweb.
Tuesday: Something involving a bunny (probably Mookie because she's rated the cutest)
Wednesday: I will discuss the implications of playing video games and having boobs
Thursday: The day I will use to regale you with a tale from my past
Friday: Reserved for discussion of Nintendo DS vs Sony PSP
Saturday: Fictional adventures of big breasted bunny eared version of me
Sunday: Multi-paneled strip where I will talk about my life the previous week and how it relates to feces, whether I've gotten a job or a haircut, and if there's time.. more bunnies.

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