Reporting from the land of Knoppix

Apr. 24th, 2005

Welp, when I went to upload this the first time all these dialogs started flying at me about stuff being corrupt.. Rebooting resulted in BSOD, so here I am on Knoppix 'til I get things backed up/straightened out.

This week was quite uneventful. Friday morning I got up very early to go to a yardsale with my mother. She was very excited to go because of all the junk they had listed in the ad for it.
When we got to the house there was already a huge line in the front. All the regular yard saling people were there, including the Amish (they tied their horse to a telephone pole), Jim-Bob the guy with the plastic PVC pipe for a leg, old ladies galore, some mentally handicapped guy who collects pop cans for a living.. practically the whole town. I knew it was going to be tough competition to get any hot deals at this place.

I got in the house and immediatly scooted away from my mother, she just slows me down and embarasses me by talking to people.

My eyes soon met with the glory that was an old red telephone. There's just something that seems very important about a red phone, like any second an extremely urgent message could come through. The old concave push buttons seat a finger so wonderfully, and there's no doubt if you pressed a number or not.

Reporting from the land of Knoppix

The house was extremely crowded and it took all my wit to manuever past people with out getting my bewbs elbowed. I tucked my hair into the hood of my garment as to not gain attention from my ass length hair, and wore my moccasins, cause you're always more stealthy when you wear moccasins.

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