Ammmerica...F YEAH!

Apr. 30th, 2005

I suppose if I am actually to earn any income that I will have to seek a career outside my field.

Thanks America, thanks a lot. You made the tech field look so promising when I started going into college, then you took a fancy to outsourcing..
Ammmerica...F YEAH!
It's not like there's tons of other wonderful career tracks out there.  Many industries are suffering. My dad lost his job within the past few years because his company decided to move production to China. Ethan Allen, the line of furnishing named after the American revolutionary patriot, now made in China.
A large percentage of those fricken ribbon magnets on peoples cars are also made in China.

According to the want ads, I could be a truck driver, a nurse, or a bartender; probably because those are the few jobs we can't get some one overseas to do for us.

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