Absolute crushing power.

May. 11th, 2005

Okay, to start off with.. I maybe may have had a shot of whiskey before doing this, and I swear that I haven't drank in a long spell (since some of you worry that I'm a raging lush)..so.. low tolerance is involved here.
I found out awhile ago that PC Gamer UK was maybe going to do a thing about my breadcrab (it's a headcrab, from half life/half life2.. only made of bread!). I know I've mentioned it before.. err.. now I've been force fed more booze.. so I better move quicker before the booze kicks in...
I sort of forgot about the whole breadcrab thing for awhile until I checked the server stats and so there was some forum chatter about the breadcrab being in PC Gamer, so it apparently happened. I emailed them and they said they would send me a couple copies of it.

Now that I know it has happened, my e-penis is so massive, I can just barely contemplate it. Like it could probably destroy a third world village, if it were to manifest itself in some sort of physical form. Massive.

My computer still isn't fixed, but I was able to get stuff working sort of on this computer.. but it's a huge pain so I didn't want to make some elaborate scene of my e-penis crushing a third world village, so I made this scene instead that sort of has the same idea.
Absolute crushing power.
Anyway, I am justifying getting sloshed because of this. My e-penis commands it!

(remind me to come back and proof read this later)

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