Grief stricken Yoda-speak

May. 23rd, 2005

I was unable to find Bert (my dying cat) last night. I'm not sure where he went off to, and I'm not sure what conditional he'll be found.

Today I have to go to the vet for an unrelated matter. When my mother took Bert there last week they told her that they had an old Macintosh that they wanted to get rid of.  So mum (knowing my penchant for free computers) decided to volunteer me for the matter. They were going to just throw it away, but they said I could have it if I went there and "wiped the hard drive"

Anyway...I'm not sure I even want it now, especially with the Bert situation.  I'm sure with grief my superb social skills will be enhanced.  The animal rich environment will just make matters worse.
Grief stricken Yoda-speak
They should just hand the computer over so I don't have to sit there for possibly hours while their extremely old computer chugs away at formatting it's drive. Like their secret data couldn't be recovered after I get it back to my lair!

I think I'm going to get some feltings done in advance for the next few days, since I'm not sure how things will be...and to sort of not do a weeks worth of uber-depressed sad dead kitty posts.

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