Solution: BFH

May. 26th, 2005

Just for closure on Monday's post.. I did get the computer, and it's as crappy as I thought. Also, Bert was put to sleep that day.  I wished I could pay better tribute to him, but at this point in time it's hard to think about, talk about or even post this about him without getting extremely choked up.

So let us talk of the computer instead. I told my mother that I didn't want to get it, but she gave me a guilt trip about how she'd already told them that we'd be there to pick it up, so I went.

It's an Apple Performa 630, with no CD-ROM, but does have an Ethernet card and a floppy drive.  There was also boxes of junk for it too, a couple printers, a bunch of Mac for Dipshits type books, tape drive, external modem, 13 inch monitor, and Deer Hunter..on CD though, so useless to me. Haven't done an exploratory on it yet, so not sure if a CD-ROM can be "Frankensteined" in there. A standard one will definitely not fit in the slot.

I was thinking maybe I could make it into a print server, but I'm not able to get the thing online.  When it seems I'm making any sort of progress on it, the thing "EEP!"s at me and crashes/freezes. When it restarts a bunch of things are messed up.

I'm thinking of using a solution that the troubleshooting community calls "BFH"..
Solution: BFH
That's Big F'ing Hammer for the layfolk out there.

It just reminds me too much of that day, and all the bad feelings surrounding it.

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