Advanced apologies for disturbing imagery

Jun. 7th, 2005

I had an image and a topic in mind for this post, but now that I have the image it's sort of hard to figure out how to relate the topic to it.

Anyway, it all has to do with internet pseudonyms, sort of. I've been (mostly idling) on IRC for nigh a decade, and all the time I've used extremely ambiguous, or perhaps even purposely masculine seeming "handles" just because it seems to me that letting people on the internet know that you're a girl can be an extreme detriment. Sure it's nice to flaunt the fact that you have boobies now and then, it would be hypocritical of me to say I don't, seeing as this is an autobiographical comic blog thing and all.

Back to the topic..As lore claims, men are the only gender than inhabits the internet, so it seems like if you go gallivanting about with the name GlitterGrrlie or similar, the results would be quite predictable. Like tying a steak to a baby and putting it in grizzly infested forest.*
Advanced apologies for disturbing imagery
For a month or so I was playing multiplayer first person shooter games under the name of DrunkGirl. It was a fun experiment in what I've been missing out all these years by not having one of these types of names. 
It was a huge pain in the ass as well. Instead of playing the game it seemed I had to spend most the time responding to peoples doubts or questions.
And then one time I joined a server and didn't say anything the whole time I was there.. but I was kicked by an admin of the server who happened to be a girl, and had one of those snazzy, attention getting names.
Gaming girls (and other women of the net for that matter) seem to be extremely territorial and must protect their vast harems of internet men.

I guess I'll end it there, even though I typed a bunch more stuff that seemed extremely anti-feminist...and involved the "b word" several times. But, I figure I've probably already pissed enough people off with the baby and the steak thing.

Arrrgh this post is too long to proof read.

* do not try this at home

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