Tough act to follow

Jun. 8th, 2005

Yesterday's post reminds me of a recurring dream I used to have (also bears are fun to make in felt). The dream involved my family and I being trapped in our home because we were surrounded by bears. Days passed, we ran out of food, the bears were still there. Finally some one decided that we had to do something to appease the bears.  A family brainstorm session resulted in the idea of sending out one of the dogs.

Of course the dog we chose was always our spry little black terrier mix, Ricky.  We loved Ricky, but he was a bastard. He had some sort of foot anti-fetish; any sort of touching of his feet, or feet touching him would immediately cause his upper lip to curl and a snarl.. and that was one of his more endearing characteristics.
Tough act to follow
We thought maybe they would eat him and leave. I'm not sure if the dream ever had a definitive ending, I usually woke up just as we were sending Ricky out the door.

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