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Jul. 19th, 2005

It seems another one of my pets is nearing "it's time". Lucy, as I've mentioned before, is a small terrier mix dog who is going to be 16 years of age this fall. The past week she seems to be really going down hill. One morning my dad thought she was dead, but she moved. She's been blindly running into things, and has pissed on the floor two days in a row, not just on the floor, but right in the middle of the floor when people who could let her out were around. Like today she pissed under the kitchen table while I was there.
L: ( emoticon of toothiness )
She's had a very long and mostly happy life. We've been saying "she's going to die any day!" for years, so it's not really too shocking, nor would it be shocking if she lived another few years.
As much as I claim to love animals, I regret to say that I won't feel much of a loss when she goes.

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