The Daily Weezie Report

Jul. 20th, 2005

Yes, sorry once again.. I must gush about Weezie. She's just great, and really the only thing that's going in life that's worth mentioning. I've had much chaotic other crap going on that I'd rather not bore you with, though it's probably just as boring to hear about the new kitten day after day (for some of you, atleast).

But anyway, today I was playing with her and out of no where she produced a hair tie. This was odd, since Weezie lives with my parents and ever since I moved out the land was proclaimed barren of hair ties. It was a really nice hair tie too, the elastic in it was barely worn, much nicer than any of my current ones. A few minutes later she had another one in the same condition.
The Daily Weezie Report
I don't know where she found them, but it made me quite happy that I was two hair ties richer.

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